Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning gatesheadCarpet Cleaning Gateshead is a step up above the rest in terms of quality, customer satisfaction and our unrivaled experience.

If you live in Gateshead and the surrounding areas and you need a professional carpet cleaning service then look no further. We’re clean, fast, eco-friendly and have extensive knowledge in all methods of carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction

Widely known as steam cleaning, this method is the most popular and is the go-to for the majority of issues. The technique uses equipment that sprays hot water as well as our industry leading chemicals on to the carpet, simultaneously we vacuum the target area after the dirt, grime and stains have been dislodged – this is easily one of the most efficient ways to clean a carpet, and there are plenty of benefits.

  • Reduces Allergens
  • Mites, Bed Bugs, Microbes are all destroyed by the heat
  • Eco-Friendly technique of carpet cleaning
  • Air Quality is improved as it can filter cleanly through your carpet once again

Dry Powder Technique

Used more rarely, but equally effective in getting great results is the dry powder technique. This involves spreading out biodegradable cleaning compound over the target area, we rub this into the area and it almost acts as a magnet for dirt and grime, we then vacuum this up as normal and voila, clean carpets!

  • No potential residue or mould problems
  • Economic for cleaning larger areas
  • No drying time needed as no moisture is used
  • Equally as effective on delicate natural fabrics

Why choose Carpet Cleaning Gateshead?

  • Expert engineers
  • Fast, reliable services
  • The best equipment available
  • 7 day service at your convenience
  • Affordable pricing

We don’t just do carpets, check out our upholstery cleaning techniques aswell!